Monday, July 12, 2010

Sally the Loggerhead Turtle

Isn't Sally beautiful?!! She didn't like the gulls and would put her head down and be very still when they passed over.

Those are her Caterpillar tracks onto shore. The turtle man thought she was young and small (about 200 pounds) based on the measurement of her tracks which was all duly noted in his turtle book.

Finally!!! Protective ribbons for Sally's babies!!!
Sally's house and our just beyond.


  1. What a wonderful and rare site to see. I saw a movie about protecting the eggs but really did not know that true turtle men existed!!

  2. It was truly one of the best sights I've ever witnessed. I don't know the man's real name, but the lady on the phone called him the "turtle man" so I do too. He told me the number of nests he finds on St. George are declining each year which makes me sad and yet feeling doubly blessed.