Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th

Hope all had a good July 4 holiday. We got to be voyeurs of our various beach neighbor's fire works. They did a good job!!!

The drive down was easy. Brent was the navigator. Fred and I split the driving and made good time even with a picnic on the way. Once here, Brent ran into the rental place to pick up our key and was met with some disappointing news....the house we had picked out on the bay was discovered to be without a functioning air conditioner just that morning and it did not seem likely that it would be repaired anytime soon. The rental agency had "reserved" us a different place, though not on the bay, nor near the park like we prefer. He reported that the island was very full, due to the time of year as well as from vacationers running from the oil to the west. The place he had saved was a geometric dome, ugly, but more importantly without windows!!!! When we didn't seem thrilled to stay in a dungeon for a week, he came up with a pretty place, lots of windows, on the beach, however, it wouldn't be available until a day later.

Long story short, we stayed in the dungeon for a day and night, then moved to the nicer place, where we remain. We also negotiated an extra day, so we will be returning on Sun (rather than Sat) and can fish off the dock of the one we initially would have been in.

So...after a confusing start, we have been eating fresh sea food, fishing, swimming, walking and running on the beach, playing trivial pursuit, reading, watching "The Big Bang", and generally lazing about!!!

Here's to more relaxation for all. Love - c

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