Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well...a mixed bag as usual. The PET was absolutely negative, which, contrary to the sound of it is a good thing and means that per this scan there were no tumors noted from the chin down. This is really good news since any bits that might have been left behind from the prior surgery can rear their ugly little heads in about 2 months, not that they can't do that later...but this is still good news. The MRI was more complicated. The lesion that was treated with radiation in the right frontal lobe looks as though it is a "met that was treated", now showing an area of 7 mm (it had been 4, but the area of radiation should be a bit larger so that is appropriate) that is a little weird. The only problem with that area is a rim of "enhancement" that could be a smidge of untreated tumor or just some vessels or who knows. However, overall that area was read as "inactive". The "interesting" find was an area on the occipital lobe that looks like a "treated met". Since I have, as far as I know, never had treatment in that area, the "find" has confused everyone. I had the MRI done at Erlanger this time and the machine is newer with a little better resolution than the machine used at Chattanooga Imaging in April. The radiologist reading the MRI had the old films sent over and indeed, found the same occipital lesion on the April film. Neither time did the area enhance, nor has it increased from its current size of 7mm. It mostly appears to be an area of nothingness. Brent got a copy of the films and we have seen it for ourselves. The frontal lobe lesion lights up on the April scan and doesn't now. The three pronged "blank" in the occipital area is indeed there on both films and doesn't light up on either. SO.............I will be seeing the oncologist tomorrow and the neuro radiologist and neuro surgeon on Friday to see what they have to say. The radiologist reading the films talked to Brent at length on all the results and recommends a repeat scan in a couple of months.

On a more mundane note, got Fred's car serviced today. Will be getting him new tires tomorrow. After that, all cars have been serviced and repaired and folks are good to go. My dryer that never got fixed by the repair man and had to have its old part returned to it so that I could get my money back is now working just fine. Bizarre!!! But, it's good enough for me. On the other hand, the microwave has died completely, but I'll take a dryer over a microwave any day!!

May the scans of your head remain dull and all your appliances be in good working order!! - c

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