Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sew Chaotically! ~ Valentine's Day Top, M6886

Since the kids were small, I've liked the surprise of a spring leaning treat on Valentine's Day, often making a little something for them.  With Fred-o there were elastic pull-on shorts when he was small, which evolved to picking up a cute shirt or tee as he grew older.  With Rosie Roo, there were DRESSES!  Back then, MORE was MO BETTAH!!! 
As if the heart printed quilting cotton was not enough - there are ALSO heart shaped buttons, pink ribbons, pockets AND a sash!!!
This crazy little lady bug jumper was a real fav!
Rose buds figured largely in many items! I made her daddy a matching bow tie for this one!!!

And though her current aesthetic has changed a bit, when I saw this bright knit at Textile Fabric Store in Nashville, I knew it would be a great Valentine top for Roo!!!  I've used this versatile pattern many times ~ twice as a dress and here as a top!  It goes together perfectly.  Not too tight.  Not too loose.  With multiple neckline, length and sleeve options.

A "teacher pose"!!!  (According to Roo!)
My sweet little Valentines have had all my heart since the minute I met them!  Thanks for so many years of smiles and joy.

Hmmmm.....  Maybe I need to make a new pink stripey shirt for Fred-o!!!
And because I am the most spoiled girl in the world....
Sweetness that made me laugh out loud!  Does B know me or what????
Wishing a sweet Valentine's Day to each of you!! ~ love, les

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