Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sew Chaotically! ~ a little gown (Needed wardrobe element and scrap busting!!!!)

After my recent incarceration and having a great time making things for my girl, I have spent a bit of time organizing my fabric stash and remnants, deciding upon ways to reduce waste and utilize 'scraps', and ultimately what my wardrobe really needs.  As I mentioned in my last post, upcoming sewing projects will address a lack of pj's and play clothes.  Despite the attire my recent incarceration (5 months spent enduring two abdominal surgeries and chemo for ex-goblet cell appendiceal addenocarcinoma) forced upon me, I do not usually spend my days in athleisure or loungewear!!  (Not judging, just say'n!!!)  In fact, the things I have been forced into wearing for the past bit (tank tops and elastic waist knit pants with a robe or sweater) now spark actual anger when I spy them (quite the antithesis to the joy Marie Kondo calls for as a reaction to possessions we choose to maintain!!) and are completely worn out given their non-stop rotation!  SEW!!!  I am going to make pretty, useful things to rest and play in!!!!  (With the understanding that most of the "play clothes" will lend themselves to being dressed up or down and other more fabulous items may be thrown in as my whims and fancy desires!!!  HA!)  As a start, that ticks ALL the boxes, I made a little gown using a leftover bit from this Toaster Sweater and a pattern I already owned, but had not stitched up!

Gotta say.  The pattern made up even better than expected!  Straight size 12.  No changes except more gathers (ie more fabric taken in) via the elastic under the bust.  I made it as long as my fabric scraps allowed, adding the strip at the bottom, which I left simply as a serged edge, to attain the greatest length possible.

I am pleased!!  I literally used every smidge of some very nice material, made a wearable muslin from an untried pattern in my stash, and have a pretty, comfy nightie that I don't look at with loathing!!!  YAY! - Sew Chaotically!!! ~ les

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