Sunday, September 30, 2018

Tales from the Crypt??? Nah! That's not right! Tales from REHAB - Part 1!

Thanks in large part to all of the love and encouragement that has been sent my way from all of you, I am beginning to see some light!!!!  I have been eating quite well.  Ruthie set me on a great path and B has been taking good care of me in that department!  Plus, we have been working together on some meals out of Chrissy Teigen's two cookbooks, just for fun.

This cod with miso butter was really delish.  We made ours with squash because B was worried about too much fiber in the snap peas just now.
Another supper out of the book was this amazing cheesy polenta (with mozzarella, cream, AND Parmesan, guys!!!) topped with a perfectly fried egg by Bentie, along side sauteed mushrooms  and spinach!  Soooo yummy!!
I keep forgetting to take pics of my amazing Bentie breakfasts.  I am too greedy and just eat them up!!  There has been plenty of kefir or yogurt with fruit, lots of eggs all sorts of ways, and are these little pancakes not the cutest??  Tasty too!!!  I'm taking my multivitamin and iron supplement every morning.  Other positive news I forgot to include in my last report ~ though my hemoglobin was 8.1 at hospital discharge it had already increased to 9.3 at my oncology visit Wednesday.
I have been blessed by good visits with the kiddo's.  (Which included meatloaf and mashed potatoes when Fred-o was here and chicken salad sandwiches when Roo came by!!!)  I know this has been a rather traumatic slap in the face for them.  Yet, they have been consistently strong and cheering for me - rather than the other way round.  We have had good talks about everything...politics, me, as well as the good and the difficult in their own lives.  That may not sound that significant.  But, as one who has been in tenuous health positions before, I've found that lots of people fear being "real" around the "victim".  I am thankful that they are comfortable in sharing their lives with me, period.  But, even more grateful that they continue to do so in our current circumstance.  I am so proud of both of them.  They are strong, generous, hard working adults, who are doing their best to make their way in a world that is not always kind or rational.

Yesterday, B tamped down his own worries and fears and helped me putter about the yard!  My entire family, for years, have said,  "There she goes!  Cleaning the woods again!"  Well.  Maybe.  But, I have spent 20 years turning this plot of wooded land into a garden.  Having been abandoned for a month, which included a good deal of rain and storms, there was certainly cleaning to be done.  B, has often said HIS yard would consist of gravel spray painted green, but works tirelessly to help me effect any yard work I so desire just the same.  So yesterday, I walked slowly and carefully about - pointing out sticks and limbs to be collected, tomato vines to be taken down, cages to be stored.  Small steps...but steps nonetheless.

Sweet Ruthie came fully ready to provide not only cheer and sustenance during her visit, but "activities" as well!!  (We like our "activities"!!!)  We watched the first season of Big Little Lies together.  Man!  Those peeps and their crazy will definitely take your mind off your troubles!!  And, she came set to help me embark on a project she has heard me go on and on about!  Making pillows with cases covered with Sashiko embroidery for my couch!!!

She finished hers, on the right, and it looks awesome!!!  Mine is a basket weave pattern on the left, that looks like shite!!!  But, I'll get her done and see how she looks in the end.  I think I should claim I was on major drugs during the process, but y'all already know that ain't so!!!  HA!
During this grand convalescence I have also managed to complete a Pediatric Primary Care module, required annual continuing education credits for my pediatric NP certification and license, take the test, and make 100%!!!!  Guess, I came out of this with no greater brain damage than I already possessed!!

And finally, though B has promised to help me get situated and hopefully do a bit of sewing today, when a sewist ain't sewing, she can be studying up on it via her laptop, right????  And this is the awesomeness I've come up with!!!!

I am quite excited about this little dress hacked by The Fabric Store using the In the Folds, Ruffle Sleeve Top - a free download from the Peppermint Magazine!!!  I think it will be perfect for a little piece of Liberty cotton that I have from my Paris fabric shopping!!!
Here's the link so you can see it for yourself:  The Fabric Store Blog ~ Ruffle sleeve dress pattern hack
I'm in LOVE with this Llira dress by Pauline Alice!!  B has already ordered the PDF for me and has promised to work his magic soon!!!
I was much tempted by this Faura top/dress, also by Pauline Alice...
...but when I saw this Honeycomb Shirt/Dress by Cocowawa Patterns, I knew it was perfect for me!!!
I think it will work better on my less curvy frame.
I just love the little collar and the detail on the long sleeved version!  And yes, Bentie is on it!!!!
I still have a long way to go.  It feels really strange not to have exercised in a month.  It goes against my grain to move so slowly, to have to ask for and accept help, for stupid things!!  Perhaps these road blocks I keep hitting is Mother Nature's way of teaching me grace, humility, and patience???  Okay, B!#CH!  I got it!!  Enough, already!!!

In case you were wondering - my answer remains unchanged.  I do NOT feel I have become a better person for having had cancer - TWICE!  I am NOT AT ALL thankful to have been attacked in this way!  I am seriously pissed!  For myself, and even more so for the hell that my dear ones keep having to endure on my behalf.  Still, I am forever grateful to all of you who have blessed me with your love and kindnesses ~ to "keep ever burning before my vagrant steps - the kindly light of hope".  Much love, les


  1. 1) I’m SOOOO happy you are talking about sewing! (I do not sew.) 2) It’s pronounced and spelled BEEEYOTCH, isn’t it? 3) And remember, “Patience, young grasshopper.”


    1. It was nice to think about sewing again. Actually did a bit of work on a dress for Roo, so that's something! Patience??? What is that exactly????


      I must say, you could spruce up those robes they’re wearing. Need color!

  2. Aiya! When I saw two posts since I had last read your blog I was worried. Something else must have happened.... But after reading that you're back to eating and thinking about sewing I'm relieved!

    For the record:
    1. I hate it that this has happened to you! No one deserves this special brand of hell.

    2. You're right. No there is no super wisdom or extra special qualities gained by going through this shite. That is unless you count an intimate knowledge of medical procedures "special".

    3. Hope, though not magical, does bring with it an ability to endure the most indecencies. I'm glad it surrounds you.

    Know you are in my prayers,
    Julie (in SoCal)

    1. Thanks so much, Julie. I think we are pretty much in the same place philosophically!! And YOU!! WOW. I am in awe of all that you have REPEATEDLY endured and always with such grace and sweetness. I was SOOOOOO happy to see your scan results!!! No one is more deserving of a break! Thanks for your support. It means ever so much. love, c

  3. Hey, Celeste,

    From your report, you'd think you were just about finished rehab!!! Just remember, the rule of thumb (for normal people) is 4 days of rehab for every day spent in the hospital!!! Take it easy and eat, eat!!! I have little to say about sewing, but food has definitely become my area of expertise post abdominal surgery (with 1 yard less of intestine). I love my enormous breakfasts now. The one Brent fixed you looks o.k. for beginners, I'll admit (but only 2 rashers of bacon? One egg? Hope there's lots of syrup on those pancakes). One thing, though - concerning those mushrooms. They are extremely hard to digest (besides having no food value), so chew, chew, chew. I've become increasingly enamored of gathering those fungi (we have been gathering pounds of various sorts in the woods with all the rain this summer - great soups, omelets and gravies, besides cultivating shiitakes on logs). Makes for a great reason to walk in the woods. BUT - gotta chew, chew, chew. It's great to hear how you're doing, and that you're letting your family and friends take care of you!
    All the best,
    Jonathan and Françoise

    1. You and your strength and grace in navigating all that YOU have been through have been a HUGE inspiration for me during all of this. You two are beyond awesome in my book!! Yes, B keeps talking of rehab in terms of weeks and agrees with your algorithm!! I realize it as well. I am alternately thrilled that I am in such a better place than I so recently was - and being frustrated that I am not where I was on August 29th!!! Psycho, I know. You're right about breakfast! B laughs at me because I've been having two! About an hour apart! You're definitely on point about chewing!! HA!!! No gulping for me...of anything. Otherwise, results can be strangely and somewhat unfortunately "interesting"!!! Yeah, mushrooms are kinda worthless little suckers, but I do love them. I had been wondering if your cultivation was going well this year. Glad you have been having fun with that! Love you both. c

  4. So many cute patterns! I'm so glad you are back to planning your projects and even working some on them now.