Saturday, September 15, 2018

Lordy, lordy, lordy!!!! What a bunch of gaum!!!!

Bout the time I finished my last post things started to take a turn....and not in a good way!  Like I last reported, the weird appendix do-dad was noted on scans on August 27. (No melanoma though!!!)  To surgeon's office on the 28th.  Figures we should do a simple little out-patient appendectomy on the 30th.  Well, that turned into a bunch of gaum!!!  (That's southern for a big gummed up mess!)  With adenocarcinoma ex-goblet cell carcinoid found in the appendix, there was the subsequent removal of 1/3 of the colon as well as the appendix and gallbladder.  Developed an ileus in hospital.  Finally got to go home on 9/9 around 7 pm, with the good news that at least the margins, rest of colon, gall bladder and lymph nodes were negative for ALL my cancers!!!  Up and down all that night pooping...not pleasant, but good, right???  Managed to get off my post.  But by around 3 pm on 9/10 things were not okay.  Poopage stopped.  Vomiting started.  By that evening we were sent back to the ER....NGT (GAGGGGGGGGG!!!!) placed to suction did provide some relief.  (At least they used some lidocaine and a smaller gauge this go round!!!!)  Scans showed bowel obstruction.  Next day another horrible process of a gastrografin enema (A special form of torture where radiopaque liquid is injected up your nether regions while x-rays are simultaneously taken.  Probably pretty awful no matter what, but with pain from surgery and an obstruction are already present...OMG!!!  "Could you lay flat and then roll to your side mam????"  Luckily a super sweet and amazing radiology tech got me through it!!!)  On the good side, there were no other tumors in evidence in the colon.  Then it was off to surgery ----AGAIN!!!  However, the surgeon talked to us about going ahead and removing the ovaries, since he was going back in, as that is a place this cancer likes to seed, if things didn't get too complicated.  We were fine with that as Brent had already learned that in his reading and we were going to request it be done if possible.

Got that done and have been trying to recuperate since.  Got an epidural put in this go round since narcotics make me throw up and anti-emetics give me extra-pyramidal symptoms!  Also have a foley, IV and wound drain.   You know?  The usual!!!  I am actually feeling a bit better.  Will hopefully start losing tubes today with the goal of going home Monday.  On a positive (NEGATIVE!!!!  HA! Cancer humor!!!!) note, my ovaries were negative for all my cancers.  There is pain.  But mostly I am very weak.  Arms and legs think they are on vacation.  Guess that's what happens when you have zero nutrition for 17 days!!!!  Started clear liquids last we'll see what happens!

I appreciate so much all my dear sweet peeps from melanoma world, work, life and family, who have reached out with their kind messages, warm wishes, and tangible help.  It has meant more to me and mine that you will ever know.
The love and sweetness of many will lead me out of the darkness.
Much love, les


  1. Tears of relief reading your words, Celeste, after obsessively checking your blog every 3 minutes (it seemed) for the last X number of days. Though not during the Paul Simon concert last night, my apologies, but music, you know. Progress! (Not progression.)
    Beth in VA, and David keeps asking about you too.

  2. So Glad to hear ...Build that Strength!!!

  3. Oh my you have been through the ringer! So happy to read that everything was NEGATIVE! What a relief! Now to just work your way back to regular life and, eventually, Italy! Sending love!

  4. SO sorry to hear of your travails, Celeste but glad to hear the positive post-procedure update. So sorry for your discomfort, especially since you've been a comfort to so many. Best wishes and prayers for your full recovery. Hope to see you back on MRF soon!

    All the best,


  5. The epidural was a really good idea. I hope you can go home Monday!

  6. Glad you are on the up swing. I recognize the bravery and ‘best foot forward’ approach and tip my hat to you- respect. The struggles you have endured over last 17 are immeasurable on multiple levels. Just got released from TIL study - was 11 days of pure butt whooping, especially the last 2. Just went for a walk around the block and I was a puffy mess. Your writing and blog will continue to provide key, user friendly information and maybe more importantly inspiration for our community of ‘ratties.’

  7. Wishing you speedy recovery and perfect health. I'm sorry this happened!

  8. What a relief as far as clear margins and nothing found in any other tissue. Boy, what a terribly bunch of days! I and my family here are wishing you pain meds that work, anti-nausea drugs that prevent nausea, and quick healing to body and mind. <3