Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sooo....MRI for tomorrow....approved...just now!!!! This afternoon!

Have I mentioned how much I hate insurance companies?  Oh, yes.  I have.  But, really!!!   I HATE insurance companies!!!  As I mentioned previously....normal (except....NOT normal...cause all us melanoma brain and lung met peeps used to die in short order!!!), ANNUAL (Like...shouldn't we be celebrating?????) follow up CT's of neck, chest, abd and pelvis with MRI of brain were ordered by my oncologist.  MRI = decreed Michele Awobuluyi, MD of Blue Cross Blue Shield, cause after 5 years with my "Stage 2 to 4 skin disease" I don't need them any more, don't you know???!!!  Per the insurance demands, I saw my oncologist, BEFORE getting the scans.  A waste of my time and hers.  A waste of my copay.  A waste of BCBS money.  Because....until I get my scans, we don't really know what we are dealing with now do we?  My doc appealed Dr. Awobuluyi's decision.  DENIED!!!  So today....after my doc did a "peer to peer petition"  (Now, that's a joke isn't it?  Peer to peer?  Seriously?  Normal, average docs, with 2 brain cells would not categorize metastatic melanoma as "skin disease"!!!  So, my onc is no peer of Dr. Awobuluyi!!!) Finally - BCBS has, in all their wisdom, authorized the MRI of my brain.  This afternoon.  For an MRI scheduled for tomorrow!  Can you say A$$ HOLE$?????

Yet, I'm sure they think I should be ever so grateful. Sorry.  Rant over.  For now.  I am in a much luckier position than many.  #firstworldproblems.  Still....  Now you all know what I'll be doing tomorrow!!!!  Think I'm gonna just sit and look at my cute shirt for a minute while taking deep cleansing breaths!!!! - c