Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - Vogue 1440 - such a cute top!!

Another sewing post...just for fun!!!  Here's the pattern.  I have to say...from looking at the directions and pieces...the jacket could easily turn into a hot mess...but the top... cute it that back??????
Material...from who knows where and sadly when!  When she was little, I used to pick up anything "rosebud" for the Rose Bud...though clearly, this never made it into her wardrobe!!!  I was going to pair it with a pink I had, but the Brentster, with his incredible color skills picked this combo!  Awesome, right?
Hey, if you have a cute design....make it show up, right????

Made a size 12, just had to carve a bit off both side seams.  Didn't want to mess with the substantial darts running down the front!
Proud of my top stitching!!!!

Lurve it!!!  Happy day to you...even if it sneaks up on you from behind! - c


  1. That is super, super cute! One of my favorite things you've ever made! :)

  2. Thanks, that means a lot! I'm pretty proud of it!

  3. I am back from the dead...I Love your top! Amazing.

  4. Oh my goodness, Allyson! Just read (and commented on) your last 3 blog posts! You have been "there and back again" for real! You are amazing! Bout to send you an email, "crazy lady"...and you KNOW I mean that with love and admiration!