Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring Fling....Across Six Aprils!!!

Yep, 6 years ago today I had the upper lobe of my right lung removed to get rid of melanoma that had decided to make a nest in my bronchus after SRS to a brain met 3 days prior.

 Here are several April and Melanoma posts that explain: Across Five Aprils

To enjoy another April is precious to me. My peeps and Mother Nature know how to do a Spring Fling right!!!!
There is Bentie's DELICIOUS fresh baked Challah!  That's khggggghallah...don't 'cha know????
Spring's flora and fauna were beautiful at home.....

Johnny White's Irises that have moved with me to three different homes.

Knock Outs!

B's beautiful peonies!

Mischievous chive blossoms.
 My own wild flowers here at home:

Some of the few star grass blossoms the critters allowed me to have.

Appropriated Columbine!


Trina's Trillium!


Appropriated wild azalea.

And a bit more...

Variegated Solomon's Seal
 ...and Cades Cove...Spring brought....

A beautiful hike with Pals/Poppies!

Trillium edged streams.

Wild Oats

Showy Orchis

Obstacles that were a bit high for a little donkey!!!

The most beautiful, sweeping patches of crested iris I have ever seen!

Gigantic Dog Wood blossoms, floating among the branches.
An incredible show of Silver Bells, in the trees and as a carpet below.

A special stream with my best boy.

And yes!  We had bears!!!  One on the trail.  4 in Cades Cove.  

Across Six Aprils.  A lucky girl indeed!!  Thanks to all of you who helped me through and brighten my days.  Wonder what summer will bring.  love, c


  1. Your flowers look beautiful, as does Brent's bread! But y'all need to stop with those bears!