Sunday, February 7, 2016

Christmas in February!!!

With busy schedules, combined with pragmatism, The Morris Bunch has managed to spread Christmas over 4 months!!!!!

There was Rosie's Christmas November!!!
Her afghan to match in December!
Ruthie got some sunshine for her feet and couch - also in December...
And you may recall Carla's afghan and pillow.
Then there was the Chaotic Apron just a week ago!!!  While B and Fred-o were putting together ANOTHER computer (don't ask!!!)...
Irina and I made a cute art/photography apron for her!!!
Fred-o was super excited!!!  So much so...his hair stood on end!!!!

Parallel play!

IT guys, baby!

Great pics, Irina!!!

A boy and his dog!

And this week...we got to visit Ruthie!  Roo sent her owl push pins...
English Breakfast tea...and...
...a Tea Rex Tee!!!! Hee hee!
Carla made me (and Ruthie!!) an amazing tray from reclaimed wood as well as other pieces!  It is so lovely, looking like the most beautiful parquet floor you've ever seen!!!  (As you can see, B is already putting it to good use!)
Ruthie made both of us incredible coats from beautiful woolens with special buttons, sized perfectly, and button loops made from strands of the actual fabric used....raveled and re-braided!!!!
Awesome, right?!
Just wanted you to be able to see some of the detail!
The back hangs so prettily!
And...TODAY!  Rosie got an amazing teacher/phone/girl on the town bag! Made by Ruthie!

Along with a beautiful, purple, cozy coat!!! Ruthie is one amazing sewist!!!

It's always a good day when you can have Christmas in February and ALL your "dead animals" lined up on the windowsill!

Thanks to all of you who make my days, Christmas and otherwise, special.  Love, c


  1. So much love in all the gifts! And Karma is hilarious! :)

  2. Everyone should feel prepared by their sewists! And Karm is a goof!