Thursday, May 7, 2015

No. Concealed. Ugliness. Redux!

no concealed ugliness per Oona!

The link above certainly explains my attachment to the phrase and the mission.  It is not always easy to be open and honest and proud of what's on the inside.  It takes a lot of work to keep things pretty, neat, and clean in places that are fairly easily hidden - under appliances, inside closets, clothing innards, and our hearts.  However, when we go to the trouble - there are fewer bad smells, less time wasted searching for what we need, and clothing as well as life...just hangs better.  You can walk around with much fewer worries about all your underpinnings. 

For years I have challenged myself to purge the anger, share the love, and go to the trouble to clean up messy layers - inside and out.  Every new experience and garment certainly comes with a learning curve.  I have never attained 100% success.  The inside of these dresses took more work than the outside!!! Yet, I am happy with my attempts, what I've learned, and what I am able to share with those who want to share with me.  Sadly, there is always ugliness - disease, war, disasters (natural and man-made), and plain old, mean, ornery folks to deal with.  I will still work to keep my side of any relationship open and honest.  What others choose to do will either foster their own lives and feelings of self worth as well as their relationships....or not!  And while the beautiful forsythia was indeed planted to block the view of a power pole and its supporting wires, I know what's real, what's underneath, and what I can do (if I choose) to make the world a better place....with no. concealed. ugliness.

Working to make the world beauty full! - c
PS  Happy day, Roo!!!

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