Sunday, April 22, 2012

No. Concealed. Ugliness.

My title?  Totally lifted....from an amazing blogstress...Oonaballoona...that Ruthie turned me onto. (Check her out!!) Ostensibly a sewing blog, but I love the things she writes and the way she looks at things.  She began sewing so as to make the clothes SHE wanted to matter what other people thought of them.  She personifies flare, honesty, enthusiasm.  But, apparently, she had a week about like mine. And this was her conclusion:  

" i want to make things that are as pretty on the inside as on the out.  no concealed ugliness.  
I LIKE THAT.  No.  Concealed.  Ugliness.  in sewing and in people."

  I like it too.  Thanks, Oona! Here's to being who you are, wearing what you like, saying what is true.  It is not always pain free.  But, it is freeing and you don't have to be frightened, worried, and ashamed any more. - c

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