Sunday, April 15, 2012

Perking up.....again!!

Ran really well yesterday and today...if I say so myself!!! Aches and lesions and rash much better. Spring home repairs outside - check! Spring gardening/cleanup in yard - check!  Spring cleaning inside - check!  ( soon as Brent and the kids do their part in the "playroom"!!!) Projects for Rosie's new apartment - check!  Dogs nursed back to health - Karm's UTI post last incarceration and Z's early spring rain skin crud - check! First of two required study courses and tests for NP certification this year  - check!

So....I want to finish my tablecloth (No hurry yet...not putting it out until the pollen dies down!), finish my next study course for my certification and I'll be free to help the kids with their projects between semesters and watch B mow and water while reading on my garden bench!!!

Here's to summertime chill'in! - c

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