Sunday, April 1, 2012

Perking up!

Had a great weekend with Brent and Willie!!!  Got a lot of weeding and mowing done in the yard.  Got the beds all prepped.  Planning to put in some herbs, tomatoes, and peppers next weekend.  Caught up the laundry that had grown unchecked over the past two weeks.  Doing a bit of spring cleaning indoors as well. So!

Running better, between the anti-PD1 effects fading and the boost I got after training with my personal trainer Rosie-Roo while we were in St. George.  Joint aches are much improved.  Mouth ulcers are gone.  May have to get B to take some more vitiligo pics soon as that is much increased.

Dogwoods, wild azaleas, red buds, and cherry trees are beautiful on the mountain.

Funny Brent story.  As he went out the door to start his yard work, Brent reappeared suddenly, with a stressed look, "It's started!  A big copperhead!", and back out the door he went.  I went out to assist and he had a great laugh over his April Fool's there was no snake....or so he thought.  Later in the day, when he was spraying my roses....a great big black snake dropped out of the foliage....sneaky snaked around and coiled up to hiss at him!  Well deserved I say!  God IS a WOMAN....I've been telling him!! Now the joke's on whom?????

Happy day - c

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  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better! That antiPD1 is hard core! But so are snake jokes! That makes me freak out, and I'm not even there!