Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Just for fun...crazy wonderful skirts!!!

I made some rather simple summer dresses, but decided to jazz things up with some crazy skirts!!!

Loved this material so much (Though there were those who said, as I proudly displayed this material after purchase, "You would never wear that!" How wrong they were. How little they know me!) that I had the bright idea to widen the A of the a-line skirt pattern I was using!!

Turns out, I am NOT ready for drafting my own patterns!!!  I looked like a puff butt oompa-loompa!!!!  But (no pun intended) after adding a pleat on either side, per Rosie's advice, I calmed the bubble!!!  Another sad fact.  I worked REALLY hard to match these polka dots!!!  Hmmm......

Have some minor concerns about the appearance of some sort of dinosaur tail (Is it a stegosaurus???) going up the rear.....but, what's a girl to do?  On the good side....it is stitched together beautifully (if I say so myself!!!) with completely finished insides and I am really happy with the end product.  Also on the good side...though not at the time!!!  My serger ran out of thread in one bobbin in the middle of this production...thereby FORCING ME...yes, forcing...me to learn to thread the sucker...which...I did...so YAY!

Simple A-line (the pattern I probably should have stuck with!!!) but done up in wonderful wines of the world!  And, YES!!!  The sides and rear line up perfectly on this one!!!  I told B this one was perfect for a trip to France...or a wine tasting party at the very least!!!
Sante'! -c

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