Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For Kim...

Yup!!!  Surprised you didn't I?  Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your reading of my meanderings, laughing at my jokes, passing over things that don't mean that much to you...yet coming back for more on another day, and sharing YOUR thoughts about MY thoughts!!!  THAT is a gift my friend!  A real gift.   I appreciate it and you...everyday.

I know there are many other faithful readers out there.  Some of you come here to find the information you need about melanoma for yourself or your loved one.  Some of you read because of an interest in me.  Some people land here for rather strange reasons....like google-ing "Black Silky Chicken" (Been there, done that myself...hope my recipe helped cause there ain't that much out there on that one!!!!) and recently "another form of Botox"!  I'm sure my suggestion that the 'numbing' process for the halo application was the new wave in beauty treatments didn't help!  Or, at least I hope it didn't!!!

There are those whose role in my life would imply that they SHOULD read and comment, but purposefully choose not to.  I could focus on that.  It is rather bizarre, overwhelming, and sad.  But, to focus on that would do no good.  It would also negate all the beauty that has come my way because of those who choose to share...their lives...with me...the good and the hard.  Jonathan and Francoise, Lucy and Sue, Elaine, PJ, Eric, Steven, Jeanne....and so many more.  Friends from afar, now friends in my heart.  There are friends of my youth..now dear again....Terrie, Terri, David and the rest of you...reconnected...making me whole.

And, there are those of you I will never know...almost 150,000 peeks all together....from all over the U.S., the U.K., France, Turkey, China, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, India...I wish you well.  I hope I helped.  I hope you smiled.

There are my faithful soldiers.  My rocks.  My battalion.  Ready at a moment's notice.  Your love, the armor you provide....immeasurable.  There are no words.  

So, Kim.  You make my work load lighter.  You make my day brighter.

Happy Thanksgiving.  For Kim...and all of you...I am thankful.  Love - c

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  1. When one Writes, the words take on a life of their own. I love the raw passion that your words convey. I read because of the life that you are!