Sunday, August 10, 2014

Review of interleukin-2 as intra-lesional melanoma treatment

Treatment of in-transit melanoma with intra-lesional interleukin-2: A systematic review.  Byers, et al. J Surg Oncol. 2014. July.

Authors searched databases to find studies evaluating the clinical response to IL-2 for in-transit melanoma done from 1980-2012.  Data was then pooled and analyzed to determine lesion and patient responses.  49 studies found.  43 didn't meet criteria.  Of 6 observational trials - dose, treatment interval, and response rate were variable.  Overall, 2,182 lesions and 140 patients were treated in these studies.  Pooling the lesions, complete response was seen in 78%.  Pooling subjects, 50% achieved a complete response.  Treatment was generally well tolerated. Side effects were:  localized pain and swelling, mild flu-like symptoms.  Only 3 grade 3 adverse events were noted: including rigors, headache, and fever with arthralgia.  Conclusion:  Intra-lesional IL-2 safely and effectively provides locoregional control of in-transit melanoma.

While the specifics and exact "how to's" are a little vague here, the response sounds pretty good.  Y'all know I'm a fan of looking deeper into intralesional therapy!!!!  Best - c

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