Sunday, August 3, 2014

Abscopal Effects of radiotherapy on melanoma...more info...

Abscopal effects of radiotherapy on advanced melanoma patients who progressed after ipilimumab immunotherapy.  Grimaldi, et al.  Oncoimmunology.  2014, May.  Synopsis:

...'the "abscopal effect" is the regression of non-irradiated metastatic lesions distant from the primary tumor site directly subjected to radiation.  This response is rare, but is thought to be an immune-mediated phenomenon, suggesting that if RT and immunotherapy were combined the effect could be enhanced.  In this study, patients were treated with ipi followed by radiation in an expanded access program in Italy.  Those who progressed on ipi (21) qualified. 13 patients received RT for brain mets, 8 were given RT at extracranial sites.  An abscopal response was observed in 11 patients (52%).  Median time from RT to abscopal response was one month.  Median overall survival for all 21 patients was 13 months (range 6-26).  Median OS for patients with abscopal response was 22.4 months (range 2.5-50.3) vs 8.3 months without the response.  A local response to RT was detected in 13 patients, and of those, 11 patients (85%) had an abscopal response and abscopal effects were noted ONLY in patients exhibiting local response.'

The authors recommend additional trials with greater numbers to validate these results...and I say, "Go for it!!!"  Not just in studies, but here in the US these are treatment measures that oncs can already provide!!!  Best - c

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