Friday, December 6, 2013

Way to go, Sally!!!!!

Some of you may remember my excitement at finding a Sea Turtle, named Sally, (Yes, that was her name....she told me!!!) on a Florida beach back in July of 2010.  She came ashore and into my life just as I had advanced to Stage IV melanoma and endured stereotactic radiation for my brain tumor with the removal of my lung's right upper lobe for a tumor within the bronchus.  I could find no additional trial or treatment at that time, but....along came Sally.  If she could survive and complete the tasks her life demanded of her despite mean sharks, gigantic boat motors, BP oil spills, not to mention navigational issues and obnoxious people and their trash, over the 9,000 mile sojourn she had just made...then.... Hey! I could find a way to deal with melanoma!!!

Today, I am happy to share a report from NBC News noting that "Endangered green sea turtles are making a comeback in Florida"!!!!  In 1979, only 62 sea turtle nests were found in the state.  This year: 35,000 were discovered.  Experts credit bans on harvesting turtle eggs, turtle fishing and the sale of sea turtle meat for a lot of the success.  Additionally, the Florida home owners and visitors who have complied with recommendations to turn off lights near beaches, especially from spring to fall during the nesting season, since the lights can confuse hatchlings....drawing them inland toward the lights rather than out to sea...have been very helpful to Sally and her babies as well.  Hazards to the turtles remain in the form of fishing nets and lines, trash (esp plastics and Styrofoam) littering beaches and the sea floor, as well as boats who pose risks to turtles when propellers crack their shells.  But overall, conservationists consider the results "phenomenal"!

Sally and I do, too. - c

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