Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Everything cures/kills melanoma ~ one 'mo one....

If you look back on my post from July 20, 2013 you'll see a large collection of research articles enumerating studies that proved all sorts of things - coffee, cucumin (turmeric), cimetadine ( to decrease stomach acid), doxycycline (an older antibiotic), NSAID's (like ibuprofen), and even shitake mushrooms - kill melanoma cells!!!  Well, here's another:  STRAWBERRY JUICE!

Antineoplastic activity of strawberry (Frafaria x ananassa Duch.) crude extracts on B16-F10 melanoma cells
By:  Forni, Braglia, Mulinacci, Urbani, et al.
Of the Department of Biology, University of Rome, via Mol Biosyst, 2013 Nov 4. [Epub]

So....these peeps extracted the juice from strawberries (anthocyanin-rich strawberry fruit crude extracts) and squirted it on some mouse melanoma cells they had scattered about in petri dishes and found.... {DRUMROLL>>>>>}.... "the strawberry extract produced a remarkable reduction of cell proliferation."

Thought you should know.  Now...go have a "fruit snack"!!!!

PS...Fred, Shane, and Rose should never have any worries having eaten more than their weight in fruit a zillion times over!!!  Remember Fred trying to get out of the grocery cart to get to the strawberries when he was a baby, Ruthie????

Wonder if it counts if you eat strawberry ice cream?  Hmmmmm... - c


  1. Haha! I will never forget being in the produce section with Freddie! :)

  2. Fruit snacks are definitely delish, I sure wouldn't mind having more! I was telling ma maybe we should all just bathe in strawberry juice... ;) --Shane