Sunday, December 29, 2013

5 miles...DONE!!!! But, not alone...

It has been over 3 years since I did a five mile run. I worked very hard after all of my surgeries to build back muscle strength and endurance.  Since starting my anti-PD1 trial, almost exactly 3 years ago, I've fought to rally back after every set of injections and infusions.  I walked, I jogged, I did the elliptical, I did INSANITY.  Poorly immediately after the bug juice, then a little better, and a little stronger...only to slide backward again when side effects of aches and pains and tiredness and wheezing would begin again.  There were no 5 milers.  Having had my last infusion in June, I guess Rosie was right when she ran with me in November and said she felt I was getting stronger.  I have gradually increased my weekly miles, running more frequently, running 3 miles more often than the two that was most often what I stuck with over the course of my treatments.  But, today, I decided it was time for 5!  So...I did it.  5 miles in 58 minutes.  No speed record to be sure.  But, no breathers either.  There have been plenty of runs in which I had to stop every quarter, or every half mile, to catch my breath.  Not today.  I am proud.  Proud of my determination to get through all of this.  Proud of working hard to keep my strength to the best of my ability, never knowing what I have yet to face.  But, most of all, I am strong, because of those who run with me.  Those who have helped me, encouraged me, pushed me, rested me and my spirit.  Friends and family who have always filled just the space I needed them to be make me laugh, to hold me up.  So very best ones...propelled me forward again.  Without my Roo, Fred-o, and Bentie...I would certainly never have made it through....much less made my run today.  And while they hold me and I do the same for them...I run for you, too.   It does indeed take a village.  Ubunto - c

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