Thursday, May 2, 2013

Melanoma May and Cherry Trees after 5 years NED = cured (NOT) 10 melanoma years later

My three cherry trees that Brent planted in celebration when I was almost 5 years out from my first round with a positive axillary node from melanoma, and theoretically CURED!!!!!...were really beautiful this year, ten years and many melanoma episodes later.  May is Melanoma Awareness month.  A designation that I meet with mixed feelings.  However, if this proclamation can curtail behaviors that may contribute to the development of melanoma, or encourage those with suspicious skin lesions...especially with a history of have them checked by a dermatologist, then it is more than worth it.  Melanoma doesn't play by the rules. Sadly, 5 years NED does NOT equal cured in melanoma world.  Stay vigilant.  Stay aware.  Stay tough.  And...enjoy the blossoms along the way.  Love - c

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