Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Female baldness. Cancer Treatment. Rapunzel.

Long luxurious locks are firmly associated with beauty and strength, no matter if you're talking Samson or top super models.  For myself, I am pretty relaxed about my hair, having had it in pixie cuts at least 4 different times in my life, as well as lengths past my shoulders, bobs, shags, and just about everything in between.  As Ruthie puts it, "Anytime a crisis happens, you chop off your hair."  She's right.  A close look at this blog shows that hair past my shoulders was quickly lopped into a bob on my learning that I was about to have a halo placed for brain radiation followed within days by lung surgery that was expected to land me on a vent in the intensive care unit.  I've worked in that scene and knew I didn't need any extra hair to add to that adventure!!!  But, for such a cavalier attitude, even I, dreaded the thought of being bald, and really, really didn't like the prospect one bit when faced with treatment options that might have rendered me so.  It turned out, that thus far, I haven't had to use them...but still.  I know how much I didn't want to be bald.

So, why is that?  Why, as a society do we consider Demi Moore's baldness for G.I. Jane a publicity stunt?  But, when Matthew McConaughey loses 30 pounds, or DeNiro gains 60 for a is for art?  Clearly, appearance in men and women are judged very differently.  Men with grey hair (think the beautifully aging Clooney and Sean Connery) are considered incredibly handsome.  Women...not so much. Baldness in men will not only make you swoon (Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel), but they kick ass!!!

So....ultimately, we women do this to ourselves.  While they are not touted for their particular beauty in those human was ever lovelier than Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta, Sinead O'Conner back in the day, (gotta say...the girl's let herself go a bit, lately) or Ingrid Bergman in  For Whom the Bell Tolls.  As beautiful Halle Berry said, "Short hair is an accessory that I get to wear - like a handbag or shoes."  So, let's go with that!  To shave your head or chop your locks for a movie role or a fashion statement is NOTHING, compared to the strength of character, the spirit of determination, the absolute courage in the face of incredible odds that a cancer patient accepts, knowing that a treatment might save your life...or end it...AND leave you bald.

So....  I raise a glass to all the bald and beautiful, courageous warriors among us.  After all...Rapunzel would have been a lot smarter if she had chopped her locks, made her own ladder OUT of the tower, and found the life and prince SHE wanted....instead of settling for the one that found her.

Bald is more than beautiful, baby!!!! - c


  1. Yeah, Rapunzel never did seem to have her wits about her! I'm raising my glass too!

  2. Bald is for the bravely chic!

  3. Hair is hair, but hearts and courage are another matter! Well said mama!

  4. Well me and Dr Fredda Branyon agrees that everything that we wear and have are all accessories, what's important is what's within and how well you show and impart yourselves to everyone.

  5. Frankly, I do not care one whit what Dr.(???????) Fredda Branyon of Scottsdale, Arizona, who has made thousands off sick and desperate individuals, thinks. Ms. Branyon started buying umbilical cords and cord blood tissue from a Del Rio birthing center in 2009. Then, with no training regarding stem cell development or the legal ability to do so, she manufactured hundreds of vials of "stem cells". She sold 183 vials of "stem cells" for more than $300,000, to Francisco Morales, who worked with the lab she owned, Global Laboratories. Morales, in turn, led his patients to believe he was a doctor (he isn't) and was arrested in Texas for treating people with cancer and multiple sclerosis in "treatments" not approved by the FDA. Branyon pleaded guilty during an investigation by the FDA and FBI in 2011. She was facing 3 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. I hope she is cooling her heels in prison as I write. However, if you have no affiliation with Ms. Branyon....I wish you well.

  6. So....Ms. Burns??? A little more research by the Private Investigating Firm of Sisters Against Stupid, Mean People...Yes, YOU! You know who you are, but we shall expose you to others!...(Thanks, Ruthie! You're awesome!!!)...has discovered that you not only wrote your grammatically incorrect mess on my blog...but apparently searched for any blogs in the past month with the reference to cancer or death within, and made similar posts. are in fact affiliated with the criminal Fredda Branyon, it turns NOT a licensed physician!!! Surprise, surprise. Look for more surprises to come your way as well. How low can you go? What other methods will you and your kind use to try to take advantage of people suffering with cancer and loss? Just think...when you do...we'll be watching.