Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm an I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. Sh*# Hustler.....

Chasing dreams...since I was 14
Fat cat, pharma...labels out here!
Nah, they can't tell me noth'n.
I give it to the people,
Spread it across the country.

Can we go back? This is the moment!  Tonight is the night, we'll fight til it's over.
So, we put our hands up, like the ceiling can't hold us.  Like the ceiling can't hold us!!!

Now, can I get a 'Kick it'?  Thank you!!!
Yeah, I'm so damn grateful.  I grew up, really wanted to make a difference.
That's what you get when you see the world suffer.
Melanoma can't stop me.
I go hard like I got an 808 in my heart beat, and I'm living to the beat
Like you gave a little speed to a great white shark, on Shark Week!  RAW!

Time to take off.  Don't have time for insurance asses!!  Doctors that won't tell what the fact is!
I'm gone!
My validation comes from giving it back to the people.
I sing my song.....and it goes like.....
Raise those hands, this is our party
We came here to live life like nobody was watching
I got my peeps right behind me....and if I fall...
They got me.
Learn from that failure, gain humility....then we keep MARCHING.  
Let's go!

Thanks to all my peeps who give me the strength to keep marching, pushing, searching, writing. And to Macklemore....for my latest anthem.

Macklemore, Can't Hold Us

On the home front....tongue feels like it has been on the wrong end of a cheese grater...again...since middle of last week.  Thought it was getting a little better, then a host of new lesions.  What the tub???  Spring is beautiful.  Just had my tri-monthly fight with the hired collecting gun of Erlanger's billing arm.  ASSHOLES!!!!!  Pay your bill in full in a timely fashion and they STILL HARASS you!!!  Fabulous. I've doubled the miles I'm running each week.  But, I have only one wish....for each of YOU - to nobody was watching!!!!! - c

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  1. You and Macklemore are pro rappers! The random mouth lesions are just bizarre! I'm sorry you keep having those. :( I guess the billing people aren't random ~ they are very consistent! (That is not a compliment!)