Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or treat!??? Two years post last surgery/melanoma

This time of year has taken on a strange meaning for me. Having spent 28 years taking care of kids...that's a lot of goblins. Fun was had all day in the office trying to make the day a little brighter for the sick ones as well as the healthy ones insulted by vaccines and other injustices. Then, there are the memories of my own critters as Pocahontas and Powhatan, Spider man and Pinky-pink power woman, a goblin and a fairy princess...little ones at the door tonight...treats all.  Just this past weekend, B and I had our third lovely evening attending Vince Gill's annual benefit performance for the children treated at our local center for child abuse.  A real treat for a great cause.

Two years ago I was experiencing a bit of a trick, being just days post tonsillectomy, due to my third met from melanoma in 6 months time. Currently, I am dealing with some pretty tricky and significant skin flares and itching with joint aches secondary to my last anti-PD1 infusion.  Meanwhile, so many on the east coast and those dealing with active melanoma have certainly been tricked indeed.  My small ordeal is nothing more than a treat in comparison.

May your coming days be filled with more treats than tricks - c

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  1. Two years NED!!!! Doing a happy dance for you. You are so my hero!!!