Monday, October 8, 2012

Global Anti-PD1 Trial

From the moderator of the MIF Forum:

"I have just heard that the Merck PD1 trial, a phase three, will be opening 500 global slots in mid November. This will be for IPI refractory (folks who have progressed on IPI) randomized to a choice of 4 chemos (leader decides) and crossover allowed at 12 weeks to PD1 if progression occurs. There will also be an expansion of the current Merck Pd1 trials, for the IPI naive and refractory, 2 and 10 mg trials. I hope to have more detail and locations asap to post."

Check out the Melanoma International Site...  I will add updates here as well. - c

PS  Extremely thankful for the crossover clause!!!!  Good Luck.

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