Friday, October 1, 2010

To San Fran...and other things...

Getting ready to head out to San Francisco. We will return on Wednesday evening and are both really looking forward to it. My teeth are cleaned and my new pants are packed!! :>)

In other news, if you're interested in the state of some upcoming melanoma meds GOOGLE: The New York Times for an article by Amy Harmon, New Drugs Stir Debate on Rules of Clinical Trials. The only drug that has been found to work more than "chance' alone, is being held up in trials, basically so that drug companies can make more money. These drugs are not causing side effects. Taking them does not kill your liver, kidney, cause heart attacks, it is not so delicate an issue as determining if benefit out weighs risk. They have proven their worth in trials that have already taken place. PLUS....there are NO OTHER DRUGS!!!!! AND...the PATIENTS ARE GOING TO DIE ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read it and see what you think. There is, somewhat shockingly, a big uprising and debate going on, originating from a lot of oncologists who want the drugs for their patients..NOW.. that is not fully covered in this article. (Doctors are not known to be the most outspoken set of folks...sometimes tending to be more like sheep! Sorry to those of you that I know and love....but I think you'd all be the first to agree!!) I've seen one of the guys quoted in the article...Sosman from Vanderbilt.

The trouble with America's health care system is due in large part to the amount of control insurance companies and Big Pharma have over it. This is a perfect case in point. There are companies other than Roche making similar drugs and this is basically a fight over territory, patent, and money.....with human lives and comfort at stake.

Better get myself in gear and off to San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all -c

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