Saturday, September 18, 2010

Run Rosie, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Rose ran in a 5K Race to raise funds for some Atlanta school programs (and to get extra credit in her required Health class). She came in first in her division and was the third woman to cross the finish line!!!! How cool is that? I'm proud of her for going to such an event on her own and putting in such a great showing. We had had the goal of running in local events like that one, together this summer but I had to have all my shenanigans so that didn't work out. I am very glad she took the initiative to participate today and I'm certain that this is just the beginning! Way to go, Rosie!!

For my part, I am pleased to report that I ran one of my better 3 miles just now with Brent and Z. For fun, I did keep up with my miles (not counting my biking, elliptical, and dog walking!) and put in 37 in July, 38 in August and have run 15 so far this month. It is kind of lame when I compare it to what I've run in the past and to the 30-35 miles (or more) that Rosie, Hailey, and Diana (2 NP's I work with) do every week! But, I am proud of it anyway. (I AM twice their age and have had a few hiccoughs!! HA!)'s to my girls!!!! Keep on RUNNING!!!!!!

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  1. We will run a race together soon! I have some information about more races that are coming up.