Monday, October 25, 2010

Such a good time in Atlanta...

...Brent and I rested and played...going to the zoo (LOVE the gorillas...esp the family set with the 4 month old baby and the twin 4 year olds running around acting the way Fred and Rose used to do!!!) and the botanical gardens...a little shopping and visiting with the Roo. Got to take her to lunch and dinner a few times and visit some on Sat. She is doing so well and adjusting to everything and everybody like a trooper!!

Back yesterday, got settled in and today was off to the scans!!! The MRI people and the PET people played well together again. Got one IV for the duration. The two ladies who have done both of these scans for me in the past are really super. They are kind, considerate and really make an unpleasant experience the best it can be. So a big shout out to two great radiology techs at Erlanger East and Chattanooga Imaging.

Brent has already reviewed and the folks with my neurosurgeon have already called about the brain MRI. It is as it was before. No change. The right frontal lobe zapped place is calcified as expected and they continue to refer to the place in the posterior occipital lobe as a calcification secondary to radiation of a brain met...although as far as we know...that never happened. We hashed that out last time...but, whatever, it is unchanged from the last MRI. Will be seeing the neuro surgeon and the neuro radiologist Friday. No results yet on the body PET.

Back to work tomorrow. Will keep you posted with the PET results. Love to all - c

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