Sunday, November 13, 2016

Travel Chaotically! - Blame Canada..... (and Seattle)....

....because it was so lovely....I just have to share ~

This is my picture book from our lovely trip traveling from Chicago - Glacier - Vancouver - Victoria - Seattle:  Skyscrapers!!!  Here are the artist's pics of the last 3 ports of call!!

All dressed up and ready for the Blue Water Cafe!
I TOLD you there were skunks!!!
I think their sign has a misprint! It should read:  PROTECTED by SSSS....SKUNKS!
The harbor and Granville Market!

Maiwa!!!  All the pretty things!!!

Stanley Park - Lost Lagoon - Such peace and beauty in the middle of the city!!!

Of course there were Dragonflies!!!!!

Final perfect evening sunset.  Thanks, Vancouver!!

Views from ferry to Victoria


Such pretty flowers - EVERYWHERE!!!
I always love China matter the city I'm in!

Then there's ~ Butchart Gardens.  An incredibly beautiful place....especially when you consider that Jennie Butchart created it from a 55 acre, worked-out limestone quarry that had supplied her husband's nearby Portland cement plant!!  Amazing! Never have I seen such a lovely collection of begonias - all shapes, sizes and colors!


Can you tell I adore markets, veggies, and those who grow them and...???  I do love Pike Place!
Thanks, Sally!

Thanks so much to all the folks we met and shared time with on our travels....the group of Women Marines on the train, the weird Russians vs Germans next to us in the hotel in Glacier where they believed in leaving the door open - no matter their state of undress (Oh, yeah!!!  I saw stuff!!), the taxi drivers in Vancouver, the police man there as well, Liberty at Maiwa, the lovely lady who runs Gala Fabrics...all the vendors at ALL the markets.  But most of all, thanks, B!!!  The best bunkie ever!!! - c