Friday, November 18, 2016

Chaotic Cookery! - From Someone Else's Table: Pork Chops and Roasted Onions

I like the combo of sweet and salty.  And for me...pork chops with roasted sweet potatoes or apples or onions...always seems right....especially in the fall.  My family, especially the kiddo's and their  friends have always raved about my everyday pork chops, often requesting "Momma's Pork Chops"!  With such good reviews and their ease of cooking.....thought you might like them yourself.

Momma's Pork Chops

Super easy.  Sear pork chops seasoned on both sides with salt, pepper, and paprika, in a hot skillet.  If it ain't sizzling, it ain't right!!  After all are nicely and quickly browned on both sides.  Splash each chop with a hefty dose of Worcestershire sauce.  Turn down to simmer.  Cover and let simmer as long as you least one hour...more is better....turning occasionally.  Only requirement...DON'T LET THE PAN GO DRY!!!  Add splashes of water as needed until chops are so tender you can cut them with a fork!!  Enjoy.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

No recipe here really.  Wash and pat dry taters.  Rub with oil.  Poke a couple of holes with a sharp knife.  Roast in 400 degree oven until soft when jabbed with a knife.  Large taters take longer...but about an hour.

Roasted Onions

Another easy, delicious dish from a simple vegetable.  The real cheater's method is to peel medium sized onions, any type, place on a fairly large piece of foil, drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and add one ice cube.  Wrap into a packet and bake until tender.  For a slightly fancier and a bit tastier version.....
Roughly quarter, peeled, red onions.  Place in heavy baking dish.  Cover bottom of pan in white wine (broth would do).  Drizzle onions with olive oil, paprika, salt, pepper and fresh thyme (dried works too!).  Bake covered at 350 for about 30 min.  Then uncover and bake til most of the liquid has evaporated and onions are nicely roasted....about 15 more minutes.  Such a great side dish.

Enjoy your cookery - From Someone Else's Table! - c