Saturday, October 29, 2016

Chaotically ready for fall!!!

I am much spoiled and lucky to have recently returned from another amazing trip with my bestie!!!  This time we went from New York to Paris to Bordeaux to Arcachon to Agen to Sarlat to Marseille and back to Paris again!!!  And yes, there are plenty of stories and pics on their way!  Still, we are just about ready to settle down for a cozy fall and winter.  Chores are caught up.  (As soon as I recert in PALs, anyway!!!)  The yard is pretty much winterized and there is a a bit of fall crispness in the air.  There are lots of chaotic sewing plans, books to read, places to hike, meals to cook, special times yet to share with friends and dear ones. So, here we go....
Just a touch of color!

A lovely hiking/biking trail in the middle of Chattanooga!
Fresh faces!!!
One thing is for certain!!  A vacation is guaranteed to be amazing, if it starts with a lovely visit to dear ones...
...and ends like this!!!!
Enjoy your fall!  More to come.... - love, c

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