Monday, September 12, 2016

Travel Chaotically!!! - B's view of recent trip!

Checking out Chicago on the train ride in from the airport!
Our only rain as we walked about in Chicago after getting in!
Dang!!!  These boys relish some dogs!!!!
Corner Bakery coffee!!!
Kale, pig ear and egg at The Purple Pig!  YUM!
Pretty parks.
The Bean as a fun house mirror!
Now there's a photo op!!!
Inside Union Station
I told you we had a pretty sunset!

And an itty bitty living space!!  Check out B's upper bunk!!!  Hee hee!
Heading to Glacier!
Trail of Cedars.

Hidden Lake Trail at Logan's Pass

Back to the train again!!
Oysters, an incredible mignonette, and vodka at The Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver.

Selfie on water taxi.
Delicious calamari at the Sylvia in Vancouver.
Ferry to Victoria.
B's haul at Red Fish Blue Fish!!  Yep!  We ate it all!!!
Victoria's China Town
Waiting on more fish!!!  I am an excellent eater!  SKILLZ!
Crazy Canadians (You got some 'splainin to do, Ed!!!) thinking it's summer camping season in Victoria!
It was such a fun trip.  Thanks for playing, B!  love, c

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