Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ketchup!! (or....YAY!)

Thought it might be time for a little catch up....

  • Got to visit with all my critters for Thanksgiving....each of them rooting for the other in the best way families do!
  • My yard is swept of leaves, appropriate shrubs pruned, and hoses drained/stored for the winter.
  • On a warmish day recently, all the windows got cleaned...weird timing perhaps...but I look OUT my windows far more during the winter than any other time!!
  •  My house plants have been pruned and prepped and winter readied.
  • All Christmas gifting is prepared!!!  Just a bit of wrapping and I'll be set!
  • Some chaotically sewn (sort-of) tadah's are pics 'til January, though.
  • Two flat tires on a cold, foggy, rainy, butt crack of dawn, drive to work...have turned into 4 new tires...after three trips to the shop and a fair quantity of $$$$$.  Thanks, Bentie!
  • I am still getting in my elliptical workout or a run at least 4 times a week.
  • Have had only one episode of wheeze so far this winter season and it was pretty easily tamped down with my albuterol/budesonide/atrovent hooka!  About par for my usual and certainly far less than when I was on Nivo/Opdivo.
  • I had my eyes checked today, and while presbyopia has progressed a bit, no other problems, cataracts, bits or bobs or melanoma were discovered!
  • My beautiful cherry trees survived pruning by the electric board with relatively little damage. 
  • And then there's this...Washington Post: Jimmy Carter tells Sunday school class that he has no signs of cancer Jimmy Carter announces that he is cancer free after SRS to melanoma brain mets and surgery to a liver mass, (rendering him NED, I suppose) and starting Keytruda in August!  (Though Keytruda is not FDA approved as first line nor as adjuvant for most normal folks...but I'm still hoping that very soon the rest of us will be deemed worthy!!!!)
So.....  YAY!!! - c

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