Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jeanne and Kidlet...Friends in need are friends indeed!!!

Have you ever had friends that support you through thick or thin, in times of sorrow and celebration, who know just what to say and do to make you feel better....when it seems that other folks haven't even noticed?  For YEARS???'ve never even met?????   Well, I do!!!

Jeanne and her amazingly talented and sweet daughter, Kidlet have been so for me and mine!  But....finally....things are just a bit changed.  We met!!!  They were just as wonderful in person as ever they have been as pen pals!  Here's Jeanne's version: - bestest of days
And this: - more goodies from yesterday

And here's mine!

Good friends, The TURTLE Shack (great crab cakes [and chicken fingers, hee hee!]!!!)....what could be better?!

2 sillies!

Kindred spirits

Does she know me or what?!!!


Us....For REALZ!!!!

From other parts of our trip:  As we traveled down.....Yep.  There was the side of the road.  I don't think we're in Kansas any more!

My photog on Lake Monroe.

THE resident manatee at Blue Springs....given the suddenly warm December weather.  So glad we got to see him (her?)!

B has been threatening me and Ruthie and that weird tech at Moffitt with giraffes in Florida seems like forever.....  He finally got to see one!  And look what it did!

Then...on the beach board was COLD!!!!
 Great thanks to Jeanne and the Kid for too many precious things to name.  Thanks to B for a lovely break.  Thanks to Florida for being forever weird and wonderful.  An amazing kick off to a beautiful New Year.  Love to all.  I couldn't be me without you.  Love, c


  1. Yay! Y'all finally made it happen! Looks like it was tons of fun. And LOL at Bentie's giraffe! ;)

  2. Love you to the moon and back!!!!!!