Monday, August 3, 2015

Keeping you informed about the a$$hole: Dr. Dana Hansen from Kent State University

You may remember this post:  Lame lazy phd student 
It was in response to an A$$ HOLE who wanted to interview my peeps about reading the blog of a DYING cancer patient....replete with typo's and crass ass shenanigan's....who was stupid enough to post her shit on MY blog.  I sent her the letter published in the link. Surprisingly (not)...there was no reply.  Funny, Dana.  You liked posting on my blog before! know I love my research!!!  Turns out....she's not a student!  She's a chubby weirdo who is actually PAID as an assistant PROFESSOR at Kent State!!!!!!!  Check her out:   (Dana, honey!!!  Did you not take diet, nutrition, and exercise classes in your nursing curriculum????)

Anyhow...Miss Dana...DID get my email.  How do I know?  Well, she deleted some of her bullshit...though it is preserved on my original post.  Some of her links in my message have been take down and typo' least some of them....have been corrected.  However, this is what I have also learned.....

She posted her crap here:  Blog: My Journey with Inflammatory Breast Cancer

And here:  I have cancer, but it won't have me...  I'm sorry, but does this sound like a dying person to you?

And she went my tears and threw on my big girl pants  I mean really!!!  Read this post.  Would you post here that you wanted to interview the peep of the "dying" person????  But, a "NURSE" did!!!!!!!!

And this...on a post from 2014:  COPD thread

And here:  carcinoid syndrome flushing You thought THIS chick was dying?????!!!!

And she put this:  on someone's 2014 post!!!

This poor person is freaking out because she SURVIVED!!!!!  Yet Miss Compassionate Nurse Dana posted here too:  Sometimes i feel like i am falling apart

With a sense of humor like this....this lady is NOT on death's door....Don't worry, it's not ebola
Of course PhD Dana couldn't be bothered with figuring that out!!!

And this blogger, while going through some hard times, is training for a triathlon!!!!!  cancer cures life

Sadly...there are more.  However, I feel I have proven my point and wasted enough time.  You are one sick cookie, Miss Dana PhD Hansen.  And to all of us proud to be in the nursing extreme embarrassment.  Kent pay this person????  Seriously?????  WOW!

(Oh, peeps.  I'll be forwarding this post to Kent State...and Ms Dana.  Don't you worry!!!)  As if having cancer wasn't enough!!!  - c


  1. I have a phone number..mwha ha ha ha...

    1. You so silly! Hell, Make 50 bucks!!! You need it!!!

  2. Also, just for giggles:,d.cWw

  3. Seriously! How puts their resume online? Oh, wait! People who accost people online! Who lists UNFUNDED grants on their resume. Oh, wait! Stupid people!!! You can't fix stupid. Go to sleep, chica! ILY!

  4. Hi,
    i LOVE your research too!!
    Thanks for a lot of input and somehow you gave me the begin of the red chord to understand this mess.. sorry english isn't my language.
    thanks, hugs & <3, a rattie xxx

  5. Hi Anna,
    You are sweet to say that. I try to put out the information I can, defend those who need to be defended, and laugh at my craziness when I can. If I provided you a red cord (I love that!!!) to use to thread your way through melanoma mayhem....I am more than pleased!!! Your English is great, by the way! Hang in there, my rattie friend!!!