Wednesday, August 5, 2015

51 years, 51 years...and believe it or not...I'm still here!!!

What a beautiful surprise!  51 years! I am thankful for every one.  Not every  moment was perfect or pain free, but they all combined to build the person I am today.  I like that.  I tried to teach my children and students that while one could learn from perfect examples and textbook cases, there was much to be said for learning from those you didn't wish to emulate, experiences that were less than fun.  I hope I have lived up to my own advice. I am not certain what my future holds.  Is anyone?  I find myself still a bit desperate to "get things done".  There are those who would argue that that was the case for me since birth.  However, I know the change in how I  feel.  Since melanoma.  There is an urgency I can't shake.  And I don't think that's bad.  At first...I wanted to see my children through middle school.  With that accomplished, please....could I just help mentor them through high school?  Set them off to college or the next step they chose?  Once there...might I just help them settle into the lives they have built for themselves?  Not a bit greedy am I?  But, I am.  Greedy for these things and more....  Time with B.  Laughter with friends.  That special light at dusk. A walk in the woods.  The sound of rain.  A beautiful song.  A perfect verse.  A parent helped. The smile of a child.  A diagnostic puzzle solved.  Melanoma thwarted.

And there was my MONTH of BIRTHDAY.  Because I am spoiled ROTTEN!!  A beautiful table built by B.  A picture like a window...into sweet memories and a beautiful river.  A perfectly designed blouse.  Beautifully wrapped and explained sewing toys.  A trip to a cup.  Visits and art from those dear.  And then there was this...from a dear one...who knows me well....

An amazing classical Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Thanks to all of you.  Celebrate YOUR best you can.  Much love - c


  1. Your birthday is joy day for the rest of us!

  2. Congrats Celest...hope for many more for you