Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy New Year!!! (aka....SPRING!)

It seems to me that this time of everything is bright, blossoming and a much more appropriate time to make resolutions and celebrate that which is to come....than is January! that spirit....

The baseboards and curtains are clean.  My closet has been cleared of it's debris and organized with the coming year in mind.  Roses are pruned.  Wildflowers.....YES!!!  I now have trout lilies, pussy toes (I think those are the ones I dubbed Dr. Seuss flowers!), Virginia bluebells, foam flowers, bloodroot, Jacob's ladder!!!..have been planted.  (Please don't die!  Please don't die!!!)  My desk and sundry records have been reorganized.  Printers have been consolidated.  Summer sewing has been planned and some of it cut out.  Taxes have been dealt with.  Refreshing visits with old friends (SISTERS!!) and new (Star Base Sistah's!!!!!!), provided inspiration, rest, and joy.  {Thanks to you, all.  Sorry about the door stop prick!!!!} I have been spoiled by delicious dinners and hikes and trips and sweetness from the Brentster.  I have been comforted and uplifted by the words of others after they read words of mine.  And......the year is young!!

I look forward to more reading and writing and research and playing and loving and running and hiking and kiddos and cooking....and.....
I will wear my gloves and try to take better care of my nails!  So there!!!!

To all of you...Happy Spring.  Happy joy!  Happy Life!!  - c


  1. The "Starbase Sistahs" enjoyed you as well. It was nice to finally meet you! Maybe we can visit you in the mountains one day! Enjoy your Spring!


  2. It was amazing, Brandi!! What you and other teachers do everyday...well...a gold star would never be enough! Can't wait to see you again!

  3. Spring is definitely my favorite season! :) I loved your visit, both at home and at Starbase!