Thursday, October 16, 2014

Slides from Paris Melanoma Meeting addressing ipi combos

Covering much of the same territory as my prior post
However, this presentation is in slide form, allowing you to see the data a bit differently.  Here is a synopsis with presentation linked below:

For ipi and nivo...combo or sequential:
  • 43% ORR with 17% CR's and 82% in remission for all concurrent ipi/nivo patients
  • 62% grade 3-4 AEs (LFTs, lipase, amylase, rash, colitis)
  • BRAF status, PD-L1 tumor staining NOT associated with response
  • Response in sequential patients associated WITH ipi PK levels prior to starting anti-PD1
  • Concurrent 2 yr OS 79% = "IMPRESSIVE" 
Eval of T-VEC (Talmogene Laherparepvec) and ipi combo:
  • Unresected, untreated Stage IIIB/IV, 18 patients
  • 4 CR, 6 PR, 3 SD, ORR = 56%
  • Only 3 grade 3-4 AEs from ipi
  • Results may address the hypothesis that T-VEC may prime an immune response amplified by ipi
INCBO24360 and ipi:
  • Target inhibition of IDO achieved at 25-50mg BID
  • 33% RR and 33% stable disease
  • Toxicity = increased LFTs
  • Immunotherapy naive patients did best
  • 10 of 12 patients required no further therapy
Nivo in patients naive to OR progressed on ipi:
  • NO diff between ORR, PFS, and OS between ipi naive and ipi refractory patients [This is different from what studies have shown with Keytruda! More info on above post.]
  • High pretreatment MDSC (myeloid derived suppressor cells) increases in T-regs associated with poor outcome [better explanation of this on blog post linked above]
  • Perhaps combining anti-PD1 with MDSC or T-reg depletion would make it more effective

Paris Melanoma Meeting July 2014

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