Thursday, October 23, 2014

She IS that person!!!

Cleaning for a reason!!!!

Check out the link above. You think there's nothing you can do?  You think, 'Oh, I would help, if I could."  She did.  You can.

As for me...Still looking.  Still trying.  But...I do have

"I have come to this site for hope countless times. Hoping this post helps someone like you all have helped me. A shout out to Celeste who originally planted the seed regarding this trial.
CT scan today (8 wks out) show 30% reduction in liver lesions. 
Thank you.

Does it really matter what others think about you?  What matters?  Why did this post to MPIP make me cry? I don't know.  Because melanoma sucks?  Because her husband's doc should have told her about the trial?  Because I'm crazy?  Because...those that SHOULD don't.  I don't know.  
But, I am trying.  Love - c

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