Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fun break from winter!!!!

"Our" lovely, shaded bit of beach on Paradise Island, Bahamas!!
The trees lining the beach in places reminded me of Puerto Rico, somehow. But that water color is distinctly Bahamian!!
Hat???  Check!!!
Walking back over the Paradise Island bridge to Potter's Cay.
Love all the colors...from pale pastels to vivid brights!
Row of fish shacks at Potter's Cay.  Lunch was delicious whole fried snapper with rice and peas, maduros and slaw.  B had the same, but with cracked conch...that is...conch cut in strips and fried.  Yummy!!
Our fish vendor.
Supper!!!  Now....
...and later!!
Morning runs on the beach to our palm in the distance.
A beautiful view once you get there.
And back again.
Waiting on a water taxi to Nassau...and avoiding too much "information" from the "information booth" ladies!!!
Marching flamingos at Ardastra Gardens!  Seriously funny!!
B liked taking pictures of the flamingos!!!
A lot!!!!!
Mr. Parrot grew tired of B's paparazzi tactics...squawking loudly at last...frightening children...and B the most!!!
A portion of the fish shacks at Arawak Cay where we had a great meal of cracked conch, conch salad (conch cut into small pieces and combined with onions, peppers, tomatoes and lime juice...sort of a ceviche), chicken wings and maduros at "Da Fish Fry"!!  Delicious!!!!!
Evening walks on the beach.  And who says a girl with melanoma and vitiligo can't have fun in the sun?  Thanks Bent!!!!  Much love - c

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  1. It all looks so bright and beautiful! I'm glad y'all had such a nice time!