Friday, December 21, 2012

Interferon vs Pegylated

Since the data on interferon has come in as somewhat underwhelming, you don't have to read my posts long to realize I am not a big fan.  However, since many of us dealing with melanoma have little other choice...and in my desire to post all information fairly....this study came to my attention and does have some potential bright spots.  For what it's worth:

From:  Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy, November 12, 2012

An update on pegylated IFN-a2b for the adjuvant treatment of melanoma

Agarwala SS.  St Luke's Cancer Center, Bethlehem, PA

For patients with localized melanoma, excision of the primary tumor, including lymphadenectomy for nodal metastasis, is standard treatment.  However, patients with large primary tumors (stage IIB and IIC) or stage III melanoma have a relatively poor prognosis owing to the high risk of recurrence. High-dose IFN-a2b and pegylated IFN-a2b (PEG-IFN-a2b) are the only approved options for adjuvant therapy of Stage III melanoma, but the lack of comparative data has led to considerable confusion in choosing between these options. In this article, current evidence regarding the pharmacokinetics, efficacy, safety and tolerability of adjuvant PEG-IFN-a2b in patients with melanoma is reviewed, with frequent references to and comparisons with data using IFN-a2b. Particular focus is given to the pharmacokinetic differences between IFN-a2b and PEG-IFN-a2b and their implications for the treatment of high-risk patients.  In addition, emerging evidence suggests that PEG-IFN-a2b therapy may provide clinically significant overall survival benefit for selected high-risk patients.

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