Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dimensions of melanoma

112 months - since being diagnosed with melanoma.

32 months - Stage IV melanoma

26 months - NED

24 months - in anti-PD1 trial at Moffitt in Tampa

Yes, my scans last week remained clear/unchanged, with no evidence of disease. Brent and I are currently ensconsed in our La Quinta home away from home after the requisite drive to Atlanta, flight to Tampa, and Alamo rental. We had a fun dinner at the Taco Bus! Pretty yummy!  Check it out if you're in town.  Best get some rest. We get to start our Moffitt fun and games at 0730 tomorrow. Wouldn't want to miss the butt crack of dawn in Tampa Town. - c


  1. Jumping up and down and cheering!!!!

  2. Looking at the breakdown in months rather than years sort of puts in in a different perspective!