Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. far.... wonderful! We have a great place on the bay. Can't believe it's been almost 2 years since we were here. Our last visit was in July 2010, just before sending Roo off to Ga Tech and my return to work after lung amputation and brain zappage. Tampa and anti-PD1 weren't even on the horizon as far as we knew then. What one can do and learn in 20 months!

Anyhow, we had our nice dinner at Boss Oyster as we came into town. Monday after a run with Roo (She keeps diminishing her time and pushing my mileage!), we were off to the Pig...that's Piggly Wiggly, of course! We got our groceries and headed back. We've had morning and evening walks on the beach, dock, and bay. Enjoyed a picnic, walk, and kite flying excursion in the park. Had a regular dance-a-thon listening to Fred's i-pod last night. (It was like when the kids were little and they would say, "Mommy! Play the 'hey, hey, hey' song!", and we would dance around their bright yellow, red, and blue playroom like fools!) In between more runs and a chilly swim on the beach, Brent and the kids have been fish'n fools. They use the casting net to get their bait and then work on reeling in the catch off the dock. So far, they are doing great! Yesterday, B reeled in a Spanish mackerel and Rosie brought in a really nice cat, which was delicious as fried cat fish nuggets with our salad at lunch. After a stroll around Apalachicola this afternoon, Brent has been out catching fish like a man on fire! So far....another Spanish mackerel, a bay trout, and a croaker! Brent and Fred-o are going to grill the mackerel tonight while Rosie and I whip up a Greek salad and grits!

Earlier the kids offered their poles to me to see if I wanted to fish. "No, thanks. I've taught three people in the world to fish (and dance)! My work here is done!"

Have to give Skip a lot of credit for his help on the fishing though! Ooops! Gotta go! My fisherman has another mackerel for me!

Gone fish'n! - c

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