Saturday, March 10, 2012

Much better day!

Ran 2 miles with Z much better than I have in a while.  Mowed the yard (Yes, that is with a push mower..and it is not small and IS with hills!!!) and removed all sorts of limbs and little debris left over from our storms.  Repaired (I hope) a crack that had developed between the house and the driveway.  Trimmed roses and shrubs, cleaned out Yertle/Yentle Creek...getting ready for spring.  Had a good time with the Brentster (aka Willie...on days like today) who is going to help put out the mulch he acquired today...tomorrow! And...finished afghan number two...of the past couple months!!

Joint aches are much better.  Tiredness level...much better.  Mouth ulcers still weird...with the ones on my tongue healing, but still sore, with some on my soft palate that are further back than at other times.  Oh, well, this too shall pass.

Got some salted cod resting in water to decrease its saltiness by the time I use it tomorrow in some fritters and soup...both Italian style.

Springing forward - c


  1. SO glad you're better! :)

  2. Bentie...when he does yard work!!!

  3. Like I am yurtle. I am not sure why she named us.

  4. You know why you r yertle the named yourself! The best yertle in the world! I love you!