Monday, April 18, 2011

Pi girl!

I like pie, but Rosie is the Pi girl, even though she likes cake!! So proud of Roo...she ran in the pi race at Ga Tech this past weekend and did GREAT!!! So proud of her!!! Brent and I had fun with friends at DeKalb Market and the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta on Sat. Planted lots of plants Brent grew "from scratch" on Sunday. We'll see how they do. Plus, we did some fun cooking with our DeKalb Market goods. Feeling ok. Soooo tired of sore legs, itching, smelling bad, tasting bad, and feeling tired. Finally feeling a bit better except for the that only means one thing....time to head back to Tampa!
:>( Oh, could be worse!
So....go ahead...let them eat cake...or pie! c

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