Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good weekend!

Made the trip to Tampa with Ruthie on Thursday just fine. Security wanted me to be X-rayed coming and going so I "opted out", getting the pat down instead. Explained my reasons, too much radiographs as it is, hoping to be allowed to go through the metal detector...but no. Attendants nice enough about it this time...but anyway... Had a good dinner with Ruthie at The Columbia on the way to our hotel. The office visit the next morning was fine...unremarkable. Had IV started with no troubles and THE BEST SHOT GIVER ever!!! The nurse did a great job with that and was very efficient with getting everything going as well. We got out right at noon, had a nice salad in a pretty patio area at the hospital, made it to the airport around 2:30 so we got an earlier flight back to Atlanta and the Roo. Rosie looked great and took us for AMAZING burgers at the Vortex. Yummy with great conversation! Ruthie and Rosie make everything fun. Back home just fine. Poor Ruthie drove back to Prattville on Sat. Then the Fred Man came in for a visit that afternoon. He vegged out with me while Brent worked on Sat night and helped Brent with chores this morning. It was so great to get to visit with all my peeps! I puttered around the yard, repotted some plants, just stuff. Bent is fixin me some supper now and everybody is back home safe and sound. Thanks for sharing your weekends with me! - c

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