Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Tale of 2 tops - Polly and Sally????

Taking an ASCO break today with a small moment of pretty....     Unlike some sewists (per their blogs and posts), I don't have much of a fabric "stash".....

This is all the fabric I have, apart from a basket of scraps that are literally pieces left over after making a garment from which I might find bits and pieces to use for pockets or trim of some sort, and often end up donating to a local teacher who thinks all kids should be able to sew on a button or hem their pants.  Clutter makes me a little crazy.  Plus, my early sewing adventures taught me that apart from basic skills that practice provides, choosing the perfect fabric for the garment is probably the most important part of creating an item that turns out well and you will love to wear.  I also learned in my Me Made May adventure that I needed a few more blouses to round out my closet.
To that end, I was excited to try out this little Polly Top, from By Hand - London.  I really like it.  As I noted in it's post, I used some left over bits and pieces, the center panel being some fabric thrifted from a sweater I no longer wore.  The curved insert gives it a pretty and unique shape while providing a nice replacement for a bust dart.

I am sure I will make it again, though I will probably raise the neckline in the back, as it is fairly low.  

Despite my personal limits on my "stash", sometimes a piece of fabric just demands to go home with me.  When stopping in at JoAnn's for some notions, the cutest grey blue seersucker with little red embroidered roses seemed essential!!!!  I bought all that was on the bolt.  Sadly, it was only a smidge over a yard. In keeping with meeting the needs of my wardrobe with more tops, I was hoping to make one utilizing a yoke that would feature the fabric arranged in a different direction from the rest of the garment.  But...there just wasn't enough material to go round.  Not deterred.....I put this top together using the New Look pattern which I've used several times for dresses, above, with the curved hem from the Polly top.

Ta dah.....

I lengthened the sleeves and kept the fit trim, but not so much so that a zip would be required.  The guts are pretty, too.  I used seam binding (rather than the flappy facings the pattern calls for) at the neck and hem.  The side seams are flat felled.  Arms are finished with the serger and hand hemmed.

For an old fella', at 18 years young, Karma still has his own stubborn opinions about where he's going!  Why DOES the Karm want to cross the road?????  18 years later, I still don't know!

On days when I am wheezy, have only a whispery voice (Thanks, little critters!!!), and am sick at heart....B can always lift my spirits and make me smile.  Thanks, buddy.
More from ASCO soon!  love, c

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