Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Jean Jacket B5616 - May's Magnum Opus!!!

Though it has been finished for a bit, this jacket was certainly my magnum opus of Me Made May...if not my entire sewing career!!!  I began this project in May and it was slow going...on purpose!  I looked at tons of sew-a-longs  Like Alina's for her Hampton Jean Jacket  and found them very helpful.  I ended up using B5616, cropped with a mandarin collar.  For fabric, I used a stretch, but substantial denim from JoAnn's.  I considered distressing along the seams...but in the end, left it as it was.  It will wear, with wear. 53 it may be wiser to keep things classic!!!  I considered doing a double row of top stitching...and did on the side seams...but for the most part, I kept that clean and super simple as well.

BUT!!!!!  I did go nutters in one area!!!  The buttons!  (I know.  It seems to be a thing with me lately!!!) I got the buttons (minus one) visible in this picture when we visited Maiwa in Vancouver, having no idea about what I would do with them!  Once I decided they would be perfect on this jacket...I didn't have enough!  No worries. B sent them a pic of the buttons in question and ordered some more right up with help from a super sweet and tolerant lady!!!! 

I worked slowly, finishing every seam.  Pinning and pressing and basting and pressing AGAIN all the flat felled seams before top stitching with a thicker classic thread used with denim....which Bernie was not terribly fond of having in his bobbin!!!  (Since then, I've learned that lots of sewists keep a more normal thread in the bobbin and just use the thicker thread on top...but...then my insides wouldn't have been quite as fab!  Though Bernie may have been a bit happier!)  Yes, there was threading and re-threading the machine!!!  And..when you are going to that much trouble....those basted, top stitched seams better match up.  But not per the rule of life (and sewing) - the first sleeve went in like a charm, matching the back yoke seam perfectly....ON THE FIRST TRY!!!!  The next sleeve - 4!....FOUR!!!!....F@#king tries later...and all was right with the world!

NO puckers, baby!!  Not one!!!

Yes.  I am inordinately proud of that back yoke!!!  Hee hee!

Since I was going for a jean jacket with a classic, crazy button twist....I used two buttons to both sleeves, creating a Faux French cuff!  How cute are these buttons????

No ugly insides!!!

And I mean ~ NONE!!!!  The pattern, oddly, didn't include a facing to the back yoke...but it was easy peasy.  I just used a bit of left over chambray for the job.

It even got a label B had made special for me...using my mantra and his dragonfly pic!!!

I am Scott-Boy-Stoked about this one!!!  I really enjoyed taking my time and doing it right.  (Though I did have to interject a super fast Silly button Sorbetto and a  quick and flirty double knit skirt  as well as a crazy chair recovery project in order to continue to feel I was being true to my chaotic self!!!!)
Just to prove how much I love it....

It's style...

...and shape...

...makes anything look good!  (Even when your ancient dog is leaving you behind!)

In spite of having no idea what your photog is wanting you to do....

...a jacket like this goes with anything and keeps you looking GOOD!
Sew chaotically! - les

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  1. This jacket is just BEYOND! Amazing job! And "Scott-Boy-Stoked" cracked me up! :)